An Android App for searching and playing traditional Irish music from the worldwide web.

What is Seamus?

Seamus is an Android app that searches the World Wide Web for Irish traditional music. Once a piece has been found, Seamus will let you chose from a number of versions before displaying the sheet music. Seamus can also playback any tunes using its own customised playback engine. Tunes can be saved to your tune book and recalled later without the need for an Internet connection. Users may also edit tunes directly thought the built-in text editor by clicking Toggle from the menu whilst viewing sheet music.

Where can I get it?

The Android .apk can be downloaded directly from the link on the right. This software is still under development. Once all features have been thoroughly tested, and are known to work, the app will be made available through the Google Play Store.

Problems. issues, support..

This software is currently in beta testing phase. This means there are likely to be some problems from time to time that might affect your user experience. For example, some music does not play correctly because of errors in the underlying ABC code. Some keys may sound a little off, simply because they have not being reported as having problems. If you find any problems, please file an ISSUE and it will be dealt with as quickly as possible.

Thanks and acknowledgments.

Thank you to all involved in the development of Csound which is used as the playback engine for tunes. Thanks also to the developers of ABCJs( which provides the sheet music view of the tunes. Finally, I'd like to reserve a special thanks to the real Seamus, whom this app is dedicated to. Anyone who wishes to make a monetary contribution to this project may do so in the form of a donation to Milford Hospice. Donations can be made here